What you do at Xmas time...

I\'ve been decorating of course. It\'s been fun finding new places for the old Christmas stuff in the new house. It makes what I\'ve had all these years seem new - yet familiar. I had a great time putting up the tree and adding our much loved ornaments. Many of them my husband and I collected during our trip touring around New England and New York. We tried to buy an ornament for each state or place of interest.

This is one of my favorites for a few reasons. One, I\'m a New Yorker so it says home to me and two, because it shows the twin towers in all it\'s beauty. Even now 10 years on I feel a great sadness in my heart whenever I think of 9/11. I remember my Dad bringing me to see the towers being built. I\'m glad Dad wasn\'t around to see it\'s tragic end.....
This one I love because until very recently, I owned a 1975 Beetle that looked just like this ornament. I loved that car and called it my \'Big Apple\'. We sold it just before moving into the new house. It was time. I loved her but she needed a kind of attention I couldn\'t give her anymore. She was sold to a very nice man who was buying it as a gift for his daughter. I knew she was going to a good home.
As I\'m a mad flag waver I just adore this wooden articulated ornament of Uncle Sam. I have numerous red, white, and blue ornaments on the tree.
This ornament is made of rock maple and we purchased it in Vermont. If I ever win the lottery we\'re going to have a summer home in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It\'s the most beautiful place.
And this little gem was purchased in Mystic, Connecticut in a small shop just steps away from the drawbridge. I used to live in Groton, Connecticut so I was very familiar with Mystic. My husband loved the place when I showed it to him. I thought this lovely lady was a great remembrance of there.

Now that the house looks Christmasy I\'ll get back into my sewing projects - of which I have ALOT. The Civil War quilt is coming to an end soon. I\'ll be sorry to see that. I look forward to logging onto the site each Saturday night to see the next block.


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