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You Have to Start Somewhere

As I’ve decided to go down the road of garment sewing this year, I think it best to start out right.  And by right I mean to actually acquire the ability to alter a store bought pattern to fit MY body - not the idealized body that doesn’t really exist.  I figure to do this I should start out with a sloper that is an accurate representation of my shape (as scary as that is).  Now, HOW do I do this? I’ve been researching on the net (oh how I LOVE the Internet…) the myriad ways of creating a sloper.  I have to tell you, my head hurts right now at the thought of trying to accomplish this.  I know I’m probably just making a mountain out of a molehill, but like I said in a previous posts, dressmakers patterns make me nervous and the thought of actually making my own, well, that just freaks me out.  Isn’t it strange how I feel so intimidated by garment patterns but I can tackle the absolute hardest of quilting block patterns with hardly the blink of an eye from drafting my own marine

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